This blog gives a overview how to configure Visual Studio and ProRibbon to display Winfors Ribbon Framework - Ribbons. It uses only the minimalistic steps you need to setup a new Ribbon Control.

Windows Ribbon Source Code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Application xmlns="">
        <Command Name="Command1" LabelTitle="Test 1" Id="3">
                    <Image Source="C:/Users/LindaDev/Desktop/ribbons/images/disk_blue32.bmp" MinDPI="96"/>
        <Command Name="Command2" LabelTitle="Test 2" Id="4">
                    <Image Source="C:/Users/LindaDev/Desktop/ribbons/images/about32.bmp" MinDPI="96"/>
        <Ribbon GroupSpacing="Small">
                    <Group SizeDefinition="TwoButtons">
                        <Button CommandName="Command1"/>
                        <Button CommandName="Command2"/>

.NET Source Code

In this sample no source code is used. Simply generate a new C# .Net Solution and see the workflow for detailed instructions.