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  • Ribbon Elements

    A short overview of available controls in Windows Ribbon Framework. This list will be updated from time to time until all controls are described. There are also some tips how to use the controls in Winforms projects. To test the described controls you will find a project which can be used to compile all snippets of Ribbon controls.

  • ProRibbon General Workflow

    This blog gives a overview how to configure Visual Studio and ProRibbon to display Winfors Ribbon Framework - Ribbons. It uses only the minimalistic steps you need to setup a new Ribbon Control.

  • Generate Windows Ribbon from Commandline

    You can build Windows Ribbon Framework without using ProRibbon. (E.g. if you run from build server.) Read carefully and adapt your paths to reference vsvarall.bat-paths to link and build resource. Also reference Windows Ribbon SDK Uicc.exe. The recommend way is to build with ProRibbon. Some nice features are not available from commandline (not functional only comfort).

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